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Children are the blessing of ALLAH and the hope of humanity. Their Improper & unplanned education may ruin all our hopes and may bring disgrace in this life and in the life hereafter.
Thus, contemporary education devoid of higher moral values, over-burdened formal knowledge is leading the youngsters to chaos and deprivation in the society. Institutions in their zeal to lead the future generation towards academic excellence, generally tend to ignore the emotional and spiritual aspects of a child’s personality.
Keeping this situation in mind, Holy Vision Public School was established to provide contemporary education in an Islamic atmosphere. The school, based on the CBSE curriculum with English medium, endeavors to make the new generation competent enough to face the challenges of modern age while clinging to their Islamic faith & tenets.


  • To provide contemporary and scientific education in an Islamic culture.

  • To enlighten the minds and souls of the new generation to develop a competitive attitude and leadership qualities in students.

  • To improve the linguistic quality specially in English, Urdu, Hindi and Arabic.

  • To work for the character-building and moral regeneration of the students so that they grow up as disciplined citizens.

  • To develop the feeling of service to humanity and mutual co-operation.

  • To encourage the students to work for the development of their community and nation.


Other Information

  • A team of efficient teachers & non-teaching staffs.
  • Compulsory computer education from class I onwards.
  • Quality modern education.
  • Basic teachings of the Holy Quran and Islamics.
  • Provision for games and sports for the physical and mental growth of the children.
  • Library facility for both students and teachers.
  • Separate hostel & Classes for boys and girls.
  • Conveyance facilities.
  • The Academic Session of the school commences from April and ends in March.
  • The Registration for the new students begins tin the month of January.
  • The minimum age for admission in Nursery is 3 years.
  • Admission in the rest of the classes shall be made on the basis of performance in the Entrance Test in English, Urdu, Math’s and Hindi followed by a formal interview
  • Candidate, who fails to appear on the date of admission, shall forfeit his/her claim for admission and only on availability if seat, his/her admission will be taken into consideration.
Tuition fee must be paid monthly by 7th of the respective month (i.e. the same month) to avoid late fine.

If the fee is not paid in time, late fine at the rate of Re. 1/-per day shall be charged.

Nonpayment of fee up to the last date of the month without any valid reason and prior permission of the Director, will lead to the removal of the student from the school rolls. To continue as a student thereafter, re-admission shall have to be sought after payment of all arrears, besides Rs.50/- as fine.
There shell be six main examinations in the first half of the session there will be two formative assessments (FA-1 & FA -2) and one summative assessments (SA-1) Similarly in second half there will be two formative assessments (FA-3 & FA-4) and one summative Assessment (SA-II) the total Marks of the formative & Summative assessments will be added for Final result promotion to next higher classes will be awarded accordingly